Privacy policy

Before signing in to our Official website, we request our customers to be aware of the policies and rules and regulations that we have set for our customers and the working principles of our business. Our Privacy policy clearly mentions all the working Modes and the rules and regulations that are applied to our products, the purchases sales and the management of the website. Any changes that are made to our privacy policies will be updated accordingly and timely on our official website and our customers need to be alert for any such changes as we do not take any responsibility regarding to any action performed against our privacy policies and strict actions will be taken in case of not abiding by the privacy policies of our website. Our privacy policy explains that how we process and manage the data of the customers and how we have the rights to access that data or use that data in any official purpose. We collect and use the information provided to us by our customers in only official dealings and we ensure that no personal gain is made by the information and data of our customers, thereby ensuring the integrity and reliability of our customers.

Personal Information

we collect the personal information of our customers including their contact numbers, email addresses and residential addresses in order to receive their orders, send them the confirmation messages about their order, sending them their parcel tracking information’s and to deliver their orders at their doorstep. However, no third party source is allowed to access the data of our customers and all of the information that we collect and use for the selling and purchasing purposes is solely used for only relevant purposes keeping the data of our customers secured and confidential.

We also use the contact numbers and emails to send you the information related to promotional events and updates and about your orders and delivery procedures.

Information of Payment Processing and Methods

We collect the information regarding the payment methods and the payment processing of our customers in order to avoid any financial issues later on and to avoid any inconvenience. We keep the record of the payments histories so that we can use it later in case of refunds and returns without any delays and hustles. Moreover, we also collect the information related to the modes of payments including bank accounts or credit cards details so that we may not face any legal challenges later on in case of any issue.

However, the bank details or the credit card’s information is kept confidential and is not used for any fraudulent transactions or activities.

Cookies and Websites data

We also collect the data and information from the websites and web browsers used for making any purchases or while performing any activity through our website. Additionally, we collect data of Website, IP address, cookies data, browsers and devices used, links and other features used to access the website and the tracking histories in order to give you more accurate and reliable results next time and to make your purchases easier and faster by providing you with the best possible services and keeping in view your reviews and preferences.


We keep a record of all the events, activities and purchases made through our website in order to ensure a safe and smooth working mode without any troubles. We also keep the records of the payments done by our customers in order to avoid any financial problems and in order to avoid any fraudulent attempt of action in future. Moreover, we do use this information to provide our customers with a better experience next time keeping in mind their concerns and reviews.

Secured Information

Security and Confidentiality of your data Pristinegadgetz ensures the secured and confidential mode of information storage. We keep our customers data secured making them feel safe and reliable. We do not share the data of our customers to any third party without their consents. However sometimes in case of need, if we do so, we take the consent of our customers before sharing their information with any third source. Also, we do advise our customers to be aware of the privacy policies of the third parties as we do not take responsibility of any action performed by them. Moreover, at times for the promotional purposes and events, we do use the reviewer’s information and reviews on our website after taking their consents.

Customer Rights

Our customers are given all the rights and privileges to access and demand their information in case of need. They can also request us to remove their data from the database. Our customers are also allowed to access their information and claim any irrelevant activity performed against their information. However they cannot make any changes to the information once provided to us after a certain time.

Moreover, sometimes we do share the data of our customers with third parties after taking their consents and our customers are advised to be aware of the terms and conditions of third party sources as we do not take responsibility of their policies and how they may use your data.

Breaching Practices

In case any customer attempts to breach the company’s official website or emails or customer’s data and information or is found to be performing any illegal or inappropriate activity on the website, company shall be fully authorized to take necessary legal actions against the customer.

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