Rechargeable Neck Light for Bedtime Reading: 80+ Hours Battery Life, 3 Colors, and 6 Brightness Levels

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Enhanced LED Neck Reading Light: Ideal for Bedtime Reading, Includes 30-Minute Timer, 3 Colors & 3 Brightness Levels


The Enhanced LED Neck Reading Light is a top-tier, adaptable lighting solution crafted to deliver maximum illumination and convenience during your reading or various activities. This product is designed to be worn around your neck, offering adjustable angles and lighting direction for the perfect lighting setup. A standout feature of this reading light is its incorporation of advanced LED technology. These LED bulbs are exceptionally efficient and long-lasting, providing brilliant, clear light that is gentle on your eyes, reducing eye strain and fatigue

  • Cutting-Edge LED Technology:  This reading light incorporates advanced LED bulbs, renowned for their exceptional efficiency and durability, emitting a vivid, eye-friendly light that aids in reducing eye strain and weariness.
  • Customizable Brightness: You can tailor the light’s intensity to your specific preferences, accommodating diverse lighting needs and personal tastes.
  • Featherlight and Adaptable Structure: The Upgraded LED Neck Reading Light boasts a lightweight, flexible design, ensuring a comfortable and extended period of use. Its resilient yet lightweight frame can be adjusted to fit a wide range of neck sizes.
  • Rechargeable Power Source: This neck reading light is equipped with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. A single charge supplies ample energy to keep the light brightly shining for hours.
  • Effortless Hands-Free Utility: Designed to be worn around your neck, this reading light permits easy adjustments to the light’s angle and direction for optimal illumination, freeing your hands for tasks like reading, working, or engaging in other activities without the need to hold a flashlight.
  • Versatile Utility: This product suits a broad spectrum of activities, such as reading, working, camping, crafting, and any other tasks demanding a hands-free lighting solution.
  • Varied Lighting Modes: The Upgraded LED Neck Reading Light features multiple lighting modes, including white light, warm light, and a combination of both, granting you the flexibility to adapt to different lighting requirements.
  • User-Friendly Operation: This neck reading light boasts a straightforward interface and intuitive buttons, ensuring effortless and quick adjustments to the lighting settings.
  • Chic and Modern Design: The Upgraded LED Neck Reading Light combines a stylish and contemporary appearance with practical functionality, offering both an appealing aesthetic and high performance.Q: What’s the approximate battery life on a single charge?A: The battery can endure for several hours with a sole charge, contingent on the selected brightness setting and mode. Typically, it spans from 6 to 10 hours, although actual duration might vary based on usage.

    Q: Is the neck reading light comfortable to wear?

    A: Certainly, the neck reading light boasts a lightweight and flexible design, ensuring comfort during extended wear. Its robust yet lightweight frame is adaptable to accommodate a wide range of neck sizes.

    Q: Can I customize the brightness of the light?

    A: Absolutely, the light’s brightness is adjustable, granting you the freedom to tailor the illumination to your preference. You have multiple brightness settings to choose from, catering to your specific needs and desires.

    Q: Is the neck reading light equipped with a rechargeable feature?

    A: Yes, the neck reading light is thoughtfully designed to be rechargeable, enabling you to utilize it repeatedly without the need for battery replacements. The rechargeable battery supplies sufficient power to maintain bright light for hours on a single charge.

Product Name Neck Reading Light
Brand  PristineGadgetz
Usage Reading in bed at night
Battery Rechargeable
Battery Life Up to 80+ hours
Light Colors 3 Colors: Warm White, Cool White, Natural White
Brightness Levels 6 Levels: Dimmest to Brightest
Design Neck-worn, hands-free
Light Source LED
Charging Method USB Charging
Material Lightweight, durable materials