Our Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions explains the implications that are applied to all the products and services offered by our website. We advise our customers to read the terms and conditions carefully so that they do not have to face any problems in future regarding any of the terms and conditions for purchasing any product or to make any relevant activity on our website.

Product availability, and purchases

All the prices and details of the products and services are clearly mentioned on our website. Our customers are advised to visit the website and view the pricing details before placing any order in order to avoid any confusion later on. All the products along with the specifications and prices of the products and the services we offer are mentioned timely on our website and our customers are notified only through our website. However we do not send any texts, emails or alert notifications personally to the customers regarding any changes made to our services and products. Thereby they are responsible for keeping themselves informed of any changes made.

Moreover, the availability of the products or the products that are out of stock are also updated on the website so that customers may not get confused and purchase an out of stock product that may cause inconveniences to both parties.

All the prices, features, warranties and specifications information is clearly mentioned along every product and our company is authorized to make any desired changes in these terms anytime they want to. We shall keep our customers informed through our official website about any updates or changes and Customers shall not be informed personally about any events related to purchases and sales.


Pristinegadgetz makes sure to fulfil all the legal obligations and responsibilities while offering any product and service. We strictly follow the rules and regulations set by English law while maintaining our legal rights to avoid any legal consequences and actions later in case.
However In case of any actions and issues performed against the legal terms and conditions by our customers, we are authorized to take necessary legal measures to ensure our secured safe and lawful mode of work.

Information Provided while Purchasing

Our customers are advised to carefully provide all the information including phone numbers, emails and addresses while purchasing any products through our website in order to avoid any confusion or disruption later on while delivering the products to them.
In case, the information provided is wrong or needs to be changed, our customers shall inform us timely through our contact teams and request them to change the information immediately so that no issue may arise later on. However, if customers fail to provide us the accurate information on time, we shall not be able to deliver the product and shall not be responsible.

Cancellation of Orders

In order if a customer wants to cancel the order, the customer is requested to inform our team on time after placing the order. Once the order has been dispatched and delivered to the customer, cancellation right will not be implied and we shall not be held accountable.
However, to claim for the cancellation of product, customers have to follow the cancellation policy. They are requested to inform us on time and mark a valid reason for cancelling the order.
Moreover, if a customer chooses a product that is out of stock and is mentioned on website, we are liable to cancel the order in case we do not restock the products.
Additionally, providing wrong information that results in problems while delivering the order to you, Pristinegadgetz shall not be responsible.

Delayed Processing/Delivery Services

Dear customers please be informed that sometimes due to natural conditions or unexpected events, our delivery services might get affected and we shall not be answerable in that case as it comprises unforeseen circumstances.
Moreover, during sale periods or inaugurating time periods, due to excessive work load, your order’s processing and delivery times might get affected and we anticipate your cooperation with that.
However, in any case we shall keep our customers informed about the delivery processes and delays in case of any.

Refurbishment of Products and Warranties

Pristinegadgetz always aims to provide the best quality products and services for the customers. We always strive for the highest possible quality of our products and we keep the concerns and preferences of our customers in mind while designing and formulating our products.
However, we do not provide any warranties over a specific period of time.
Pristinegadgetz also provides refurbished versions of the products with relatively low prices as compared to the original versions. Refurbished products includes some of the parts that are modified or replaced in order to achieve better quality and efficiency of products. Sometimes some parts of our products are needed to be replaced to enhance the working quality of the products. However we clearly mention the refurbished version of the product in the specifications of the products so that our customers shall be aware of the refurbishment process. Moreover, we do not offer any warranties and claims for the refurbishments and the products purchased that are refurbished are non-refundable and returnable.
However, if customers try to change or refurbish the product themselves and blame the company for fraudulent or misleading, company shall take strict actions against such illegal and inappropriate practices.

Redelivery of Products

Dear customers, if the parcel has not been delivered to you on time and you want to request for the redelivery of the product, you are advised to inform us timely. Also, provide accurate information while requesting for redelivery in order to avoid any further delays.
Please note that the redelivery charges shall be charged to the customer as per the shipping policies.
For more information, please visit our shipping policy.


In order to avoid any confusions and problems later on, we always sign a contract with our customers at the time of purchasing. Our contract compiles our terms and conditions and all the policies that are applicable to our products and services. Thereby customers are advised to read the contract carefully before signing in as we shall be authorized to take any action against the customers if they fail to abide by the contract and the company terms.

Returns and Exchanges

We offer our customers an ease for the returns and exchanges of the products. However they are subjected to validate a reasonable return policy. Our customers are entitled to provide a valid reason for the returns and to avail the refunds.
While availing returns, exchanges or refunds, customers are advised to send us the products in their original and intact packaging’s and follow the instructions carefully. Any parcel that is damaged or changed or its packaging is not intact, the product shall not be returned. Also, you are also required to send back the billing receipt along with the product and in case you fail to do so, we are not expected to accommodate you any further.
To avail the refunds, you are advised to clearly and carefully review the bank or credit card details as we send back the refunded amount via same method used for payment while purchasing.
In case of any query, do not be hesitant to
contact us at:
Email: Info@pristinegadgetz.co.uk
Phone no: 07951355533